Friday, January 29, 2010

A year in ZA/UM

Entropy raised it from the planar battlefields, pain brought forth it's expression from weapons of war - siege towers and heads of flails - interlopers sought for it in cities made of dust where people made of dust speak and ash falls from their mouths and on the third day, the magi came to see it. It is ZA/UM, ZA/UM! and I came up with it a year ago, with some friends of mine and on this most glorious of days, erect obelisks in outer space for it, commit atrocities over it, tell Corneliu Codreanu not to rest until he has made it in the likeness of the holy sun in the sky! From the Zed to
the A, from the forward slash to the U, to the M - ZA/UM, when the history of it's glory is written, your species shall be but a footnote to it's magnificence, are you afraid


Palju õnne sünnipäevaks, ZA/UM. Siin on üks sulle üks suveniir sellest päevast, kui me su välja mõtlesime. Lex Rostov on selle joonistanud, mina ja Martin aitasime välja mõelda. See on pilguheit tänapäeva neonatslikku liikumisse ja möödaminnes on see ka esimene ZA/UMi koostööprojektidest. Et neid aastatega tuhandeid koguneks!


  1. Et neid aastatega MILJONEID koguneks!

    Congratulations guys! Tegime Aasta ära! Ükspäev teeme kokkukogunemise ja võtame ta terviseks (it should probably be a mustad silmalaud teemapidu)


    Get your asses off the floor, yo! Siia sobiks terve rivi eksalteeritud tervitusi, big up for ceremonialism, c'mon everybody let's sing along and feel the power of this song!

  3. It has been a good year, and no-one can take that from us. But should we not try to work twice as hard, three times as hard the next year?

    "Many deeds cry out to be done, always urgent; Ten thousand years are too long; seize the day, seize the hour!"
    Mao Tse-tung