Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review: Kent - Gamla Ullevi

That's right, Gary's back! Believe it.

Algebra was a motherfucker. Twelve hours straight behind the textbook last night. Thought I would never make it, but I did! Everyone else did theirs back in May, just me and the old hag in an empty classroom. She took a ten minute break and I proceeded to cheat the hell out of it.
Alright, off to chemistry, winged that mofo! One more trip!
C'mon missus, neither one of us wants to sit here over summer. Let's just call it a „C“ and be done with it. I know my geography,“ I pointed to the map, „This is fucking Paris, pardon my french.“
And that was that bitches! School's out for summer.

It's this kind of juvenile exuberance, a sense of relief that radiates off Kent's new double A-side single „Old Ullevi“ - a soccer stadium in Göteborg - andScetches for Summer“. Arriving at a miraculous 7 months after last year's career highRöd“, the single signals the coming of yet another electronic Kent album. In about two weeks. You heard it, bitches. Another one. In two weeks.
The album will not be called „A Place Under The Sun“. This time Kent are going for „A Place In The Sun
And judging by the euphoric strengths ofGamla Ullevi“, they've done it. By far the flashiest of the two singles, a MIDI-sounding electronic sample is almost instantly joined by some wacky Brazilian football stadium percussion. Yes kids, this is Kent's take on football and it's a blast. The song's third turn in just about 10 seconds sees a thick bass-drum dropped on the verse, as Joakim Berg comes in all mellow and victorious.
The chorus is a a joyous yoo-hoo and a mellow hum. And that's that. That's all Gary's got to say about this summer's Scandinavian megahit. It's way better as a single thanRöd'slumberingTöntarna“ - a song that took it's merry time to grow on you.
Scetches for Summer“ is a harder nut to crack. Well, not exactly. It's just a tad bit harder than the instantly loveableGamla Ullevi“. „Scetchesis a mid-tempo summer-song, an SUV-lovin' off-to-the-summer-house hurrah, and it's good at what it does. It's just not as strong a single asUllevi“. 9 / 10

Review over. Now let's take a moment to consider what just happened. Launch interviews say they recorded this one in May. Yup, May. What did you do in May?
BetweenRödand „En Plats I Solenabsolutely no one on Earth did anything. BP spilled shitloads of oil, sure, and Greece and Spain went ass-up. But music-wise, nothing happened. I dare you to say something happened! I dare you! Because nothing did.
Surely this is a sign we should all double our efforts.


  1. OMG WTF Gary?!?!?11!

  2. Kus uued lood on?Ka jaanipäeval tahab inimene ju vaimu harida.

  3. Ma olen puhkusel. (The naisküsimuse vastasin nii nagu seda tegema peab)


  4. Hi Gary! Welcome back to the trenches, we have missed your contributions!

  5. Do you hear the sound of July outside..?
    ... Yes, the sound of July is Kent, En Plats I Solen.

  6. Kas keegi teist on kunagi tähele pannud, et Kenti sõnades on mingi *täiega 'ull värk* käimas? Nagu ikka mingi täiega ma mõtlen nagu?